My 2-year anniversary is coming up! Nancyland kids turn 2 in May!

Nancyland turns two in Pacifica.  Time flies when you are having fun and I have had so much fun connecting with the community and the little ones who come into play! I am so blessed and honored to be a part of the children’s lives having them play in my store and hearing their sweet commentary as they play always brings a smile to my face! Some of my customers had major milestones in my store, first steps, first time in toy store, first time having a playdate, the list goes on but the funniest is first time seeing an 8ft Unicorn! I love that the kids recognize me outside my store and call me the Unicorn Lady! I am deeply touched how everyone, even the tweens and teenagers, ask me how business is and always say this is the best store and thanks for being here, knowing I have everyone in my corner makes every minute worth it! It is easy to open a store, but to keep it open especially during the Pandemic, Bad Weather, Earthquakes and Bad Economy… can only be done with the support of the community, I Thank you for making my dream come true of being a community store with fun events where kids can explore, wonder and discover themselves in a fun environment! So Magical! Thank you to my Amazing Customers!!! xo nancy 

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