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Read the charmingly rhythmic and interesting books of Nancy Guettier, a children’s author based in San Francisco, California. With more than 25 years of experience marketing and writing for children, Nancy understands what appeals to kids. She frequently does readings at her store located at the Linda Mar Shopping Center in Pacifica, CA., and her work is available from Morgan James Publishing.

Roy G. Biv Is Mad At Me Because I LOVE PINK!

One day, while splashing around in puddles after a rain shower, Genevieve meets Roy G. Biv. Roy is not happy because Genevieve only loves pink, and pink is not a color in his rainbow. He tries to convince Genevieve to give all the colors of the rainbow a try.

In 2013, Roy G. Biv Is Mad At Me Because I LOVE PINK! was named the Best New Children’s Book at both the San Francisco and the Hollywood Book Festivals.

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Mermaids On Mars

Once upon a time, mermaids ruled Mars. A long time ago, Mars offered an environment that allowed mermaids to thrive. They loved splashing around in the crater pools all day long without a care in the world.

All that splashing used up Mars’ water supply. The mermaids took a rocket ship to Earth, where they moved into our oceans. In this book, they teach kids how to conserve water. Mermaids On Mars won the Best New Children’s Book at the Hollywood Book Festival in 2013.

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Circus In The Sky

Entertain your children while teaching them about the magic of the night sky. Nancy uses the story of a boy who dreams he is the ringleader of a circus in the sky to cover a few of the sky’s 88 constellations.

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Jude’s Moon

Jude loves the moon so much that he believes he is the one who hung it in the sky. Follow little Jude as he learns all about the different phases of the moon as well as some interesting facts about the sun.

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I Wish

“I Wish” is a delightful story of two best friends Genevieve and Arianna who come across a magic wand. Arianna begins to dream up the many different things she can become by using the magic wand. She explores the many unique things she could transform herself into, such as a beautiful singing bird, ladybug, and a fish that can swim deep in the sea. Together these best friends discover the best wish of all is to be themselves.

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I am magical

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Mermaids on Mars Film Trailer

Trailer for the 25-minute stop-motion animated short film Mermaids on Mars by Athena Studios and Nancyland. Visit the Mermaids on Mars site at www.mermaidsonmarsthefilm.com for more information.

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