Nancy of Nancyland Kids Writes Children’s Books

A fun fact about me is that I am the author of 6 children’s books inspired by and dedicated to my three lovely kids!

I was always inspired by them and how they viewed the world around them. Each book is whimsical and rhythmic and have an educational twist making them a great learning tool. 

They are beautifully illustrated by unique artists from the bay area and abroad.  My latest book ” I am Magical” was written during the Pandemic, when kids were isolated from friends and socializing this book was created to teach kids to find their inner Magic by using their imagination!

The books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble or stop into Nancyland in Pacifica where you will find them too and meet me, the author.

Kids find it fun to know that I wrote the book! so it’s always a magical moment for me and the kids adding to our story!